Suspect Flees Police Finally Arrested

CHAPMANVILLE, WV. — What began as a be on the lookout notification turned into an officer being assaulted and a police cruiser being stolen by a suspect. Chapmanville Police Officer Stapleton conducted a traffic stop at Dollar General on a silver Kia van in reference to a BOLO notification. Upon investigation, the Officer found that the suspect’s license was revoked for an active DUI. Officer Stapleton then had the suspect exit the vehicle to place him under arrest. At this time the suspect became irate and fled on foot. After a short distance Officer Stapleton was able to catch up to the suspect and after being kicked by the suspect multiple times, Officer Stapleton was able to place the suspect in handcuffs. Once Officer Stapleton had placed the suspect in the back seat of his cruiser he began speaking with the passenger of the vehicle. At this time Officer Stapleton stated he heard the engine of his cruiser rev up and saw that the suspect had climbed over the console into the front of the cruiser, placed it into gear and began to flee. While fleeing the suspect struck a parked car in Dollar General parking lot and drove across main street into Rite Aid parking lot where he stuck three other vehicles. The suspect then tried to strike Officer Stapleton with the vehicle while attempting to flee once again. A Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy then arrived on scene and attempted to box the suspect in to prevent escape. At this time the suspect placed the vehicle in reverse and began ramming the Deputy’s Cruiser. Officer Stapleton was then forced to bust the driver’s side window out of the stolen cruiser in order to regain control of the suspect. The suspect was transported to Logan Regional Medical Center for medical clearance due to the accident before ultimately being transported to South Western Regional Jail. Freddie Abbott is Charged with Attempted Murder, fleeing on foot, grand larceny, fleeing in a vehicle, unlawful assault on an officer, driving revoked for dui, 6 counts of destruction of property, 2 counts of battery on an officer, 2 counts of assault on an officer, wanton endangerment, reckless driving and obstructing an officer.