Rogers, local officials issue census challenge to rural Kentuckians

Officials are challenging rural Kentuckians to complete their 2020 census.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Congressman Hal Rogers, SOAR and officials in Letcher County, including Letcher Judge-Executive Terry Adams, Whitesburg Mayor James W. Craft and Jenkins Mayor Todd DePriest, challenged rural Kentuckians to fill out their 2020 Census. The statements asks residents of rural areas of Kentucky to take five minutes to fill out the form at and mail, mail in the paper form or participate by phone.

The statement says the census is important to Kentucky getting federal dollars for a host of projects, including infrastructure, healthcare and job creation. The Census, the statement says, provides information about how much money should be distributed to the region over the next decade, how many congressional representatives should represent each state and much more.

“You count — your whole family matters to us, so we’re teaming up to make sure you aren’t left out of our census count for southern and Eastern Kentucky,” said Rogers and the local leaders said in a joint statement. “When we seek funding to fix our roads, water lines, support our schools, improve healthcare and boost job creation, the number of people impacted by each project matters. So, as we plan for the future, we want to ensure that you are covered.”

According to the statement, Kentucky currently ranks among the top 15 states for Census participation nationwide, but rural regions are lagging behind the national average.

“Together, we are challenging the region to beat our 57% response rate from the 2010 Census. So far, only 46% of people living in our 30 counties across Southern and Eastern Kentucky have
participated in the census this year,” said Rogers and local leaders.

Those having not yet received any census information can still participate. Take the five-minute Census Challenge by responding in one of three ways:

●  Online at
●  Call toll-free: 1-844-330-2020
●  Complete your Census questionnaire via mail and return it to the U.S. Census Bureau

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Source: Mountain Top