Cracking Down On Illegal Scam Calls

Frankfort, KY — Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, a coalition of attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a national sweep Tuesday cracking down on illegal scam call operations. The joint effort, “Operation Call it Quits,” includes federal, state and local enforcement actions against more than 94 illegal scam call operations across the U.S. and an educational campaign to help citizens stop unwanted calls. As part of the operation, the Office of the Attorney General is providing tips to help Kentuckians properly respond to and avoid scam calls. The tips include: Don’t Trust Caller ID, Don’t Answer, Hang up on Prerecorded Messages. If you do answer the phone and hear a prerecorded message, hang up; it is likely a scam call. If you press any numbers or participate in the call in any way, you might become a target for more calls and Use Call-Blocking Technology. House Bill 84 – which aims to combat scam callers who spoof Kentucky phone numbers. The bill was signed into law and takes effect Thursday, June 27.

                                                                   KY AG Andy Beshear