1.  The only way to participate and get clues to find the tokens is to listen to 93.1 WDHR, Rock 103, Z 107.5, or 98.1 Music Radio.  Clues are not online, and printed versions are not available.
    1. All tokens are hidden in downtown Pikeville, with boundaries being the Pikeville sign at the intersection of Baird Avenue and Hambley Boulevard on one end, and Bit Source in the old Coca Cola Building on the other. 
    1. All tokens are hidden so that they do not require digging, moving items, breaking, removing, or tearing anything down.  Do not remove or damage landscaping or shrubbery. 
    1. When a token is found, it must be presented at the Mountain Top Media Stage as soon as possible for the winner to collect a prize.  All prize winners must be over 18 years of age or accompanied by a legal adult.

A complete copy of these rules can be obtained at the offices of Mountain Top Media, 1240 Radio Dr. Pikeville, KY, during normal business hours Monday through Friday or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.

Mountain Top Media (the Station) will conduct the ‘Hal-O-Win’ Contest (the “Contest”) substantially as described in these rules, and by participating, each participant agrees as follows:

  1. No purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited.  All federal, state, and local regulations apply.
  2. Only legal U.S. residents age 18 or older with a valid Social Security number at the time of entry are eligible to participate in Station contests. Employees, agents, representatives, immediate family members, or affiliates of the Station, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and participating sponsors are not eligible to participate. The term “immediate family members” includes spouses, parents, siblings, grandparents, children, grandchildren and cohabiting significant others.
  3. The Station reserves the right to limit the number of times an individual may enter a contest or drawing.
  4. The contest will begin (and end) on October 21, 2021 (the “Contest Period”).
  5. There is one (1) way to enter this Contest:
  6. Listen to 93.1 WDHR, Z 107.5, Music Radio 98.1, and/or Rock 103 at approximately 6pm for Hal-O-Win Clues. Each clue will lead to a token hidden within the downtown Pikeville area. Participants are encouraged to WALK (running is prohibited) or drive (following all applicable road laws, including but  not limited to speed limits) to the location described by the clue and carefully search for the official ‘Hal-o-Win’ token. There will be one token per clue. The winner is to bring the token back to the main location of the event (The Mountain Top Media stage) and present the token to receive their prize.
  7. If it is determined that the candidate is not eligible to receive the prize, in the Station’s sole judgment and discretion, another candidate will be selected for eligibility consultation and this process will continue until such time as an eligible candidate is found.  In the unlikely event that no candidates are found to meet the specifications, then the prize will go un-awarded.  In the event of a dispute, the winner will be determined by and at the Station’s sole discretion. 
  8. Any winner who is responsible for the destruction of private or public property will lose their prize and will be ineligible to participate in future games and contests associated with Mountain Top Media. Any information Mountain Top Media has regarding the destruction of personal or private property will be provided to local authorities.
  9. Multiple prizes will be awarded. All expenses and fees associated with prizes not expressly included in the foregoing prize description are the sole responsibility of the winner. 
  10. Odds of winning depend on a number of factors including the number of eligible participants and listeners participating at any given time.
  11. All State, Local, Federal and or other taxes, duties, tariffs, title fees, licensing fees, or other fees for prizes awarded become the sole responsibility of the winner. All those who win a prize or prizes valued $600 or more in any given year will be issued an IRS Form 1099 to report their winnings.
  12. All prizes are awarded “as is.” Prizes are nontransferable and cannot be exchanged.  No substitute prize will be awarded to a winner who declines to accept a prize.  The Station reserves the right to require contestants to be present at drawings in order to win a prize.  The Station shall not be responsible for the failure of participating sponsors to deliver the prizes or any part thereof as described herein.
  13. All prizes must be claimed at the event, in real time.  Proper identification must be presented by any winner to claim prize.  As a condition to receiving any prize, each potential winner must complete and sign a Winner’s Affidavit and Release, releasing the Station from all liability in connection with winner’s participation in the contest and acceptance, use, or non-use of the contest prize. 
  14. All entrants and winners agree that the Station shall have no liability for any injury, misfortune, or damage to either persons or property incurred by entering, participating in, winning, or losing any contest and/or by the acceptance, use, or non-use of any prize received in connection with this contest.
  15. All entry blanks, forms, devices, and materials gathered during the course of entry, as well as all information contained on or within, shall become the sole property of the Station to be used, disposed of or destroyed in its sole discretion.
  16. All entrants and winners agree to give the Station and its licensees, affiliates, successors, and assigns the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, re-use, broadcast, or publish their name, city of residence, photo, video tape, film or any other likeness, including portraits and pictures, in whole or in part, as part of a composite, retouched or distorted in character or form, and winner’s voice, recorded or live, for any reason the Station deems necessary without compensation, unless prohibited by law. All winners release, discharge, and agree to hold the Station harmless from any and all claims they may have against the Station in connection with the taking, production, or the use of winners’ name, city of residence, any photo, video tape, film or any other likeness, including portraits and pictures, in whole or in part, as part of a composite, retouched, or distorted in character or form and without restrictions as to any changes, transformations or alterations, and including winners’ voices, recorded or live.  All winners further acknowledge that the Station owns or will own exclusively any photographs of such winners used for such purposes, including the copyrights in them, regardless of the form in which they have been or may be produced and used, and all winners assign all such ownership rights to the Station.
  17. By participating in the Contest, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of Station personnel. Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Contest, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. Unsportsmanlike, disruptive, annoying, harassing or threatening behavior is prohibited. The Station will interpret these rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules or the Contest and the Station’s decisions concerning such disputes shall be final. If the conduct or outcome of the Contest is affected by human error, any mechanical malfunctions or failures of any kind, intentional interference, or any event beyond the control of the Station, the Station reserves the right to terminate this Contest, or make such other decisions regarding the administration or outcome as the Station deems appropriate. All decisions will be made by the Station are final. The Station may waive any of these rules in its sole discretion. ANY ATTEMPT BY A CONTESTANT OR ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL TO DELIBERATELY CIRCUMVENT, DISRUPT OR DAMAGE ORDINARY AND NORMAL OPERATION OF THIS CONTEST, OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THE CONTEST IS A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS AND SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE, STATION RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK DAMAGES FROM ANY SUCH PARTICIPANT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.
  18. By participating in this contest, each participant agrees to waive any and all claims for damages for death, personal injury, loss of property or property damage that he or she may sustain as a result of his or her participation in the contest and/or the use of any prize, and any damages or losses arising from the implementation or carrying out of the contest or any participant’s failure to win the contest or receive the prize, and to release the Station, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, and all contest sponsors from any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with his or her participation in the contest, even though that liability may arise out of an intentional act, omission, negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities mentioned above.