Keeping Your Thanksgiving Safe

Washington, D.C. — Here are some last-minute safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association to make this a safe Thanksgiving. According to the NFPA, unattended cooking is by far the leading contributing factor in cooking fires. Cooking equipment was involved in almost half of all reported home fires and home fire injuries and it is the second leading cause of home fire deaths. By following these tips, you can avoid a Thanksgiving incident that could result in injury or even death.

1. Clean your oven stovetop to reduce the risk of a grease fire
2. Clear the range of flammable items such as towels, potholders, recipe cards
3. Keep Children away from the stove. The stove will be hot so keep children at least three feet away
4. Never use a turkey fryer indoors
5. Make sure your smoke detectors are working and have a kitchen fire extinguisher handy
6. Do not overload extension cords
7. Don’t leave food cooking on your stove unattended