Live Kentucky Elk Hunting Permit reveal

Prestonsburg, Ky: Earlier today, those who could make it filed into the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg for the live reveal of those who were randomly selected for a Kentucky Elk Hunting Permit. This year, nearly 80 thousand applications were submitted by 35 thousand people from all 50 states for one of 700 permits, making it one of the most sought after hunting tags in the United States. And, considering the Mountain Arts Center staff only had ten days to plan the event, everyone involved was pleased with today’s turnout.

“I met with the MAC staff, I said, “can we do this”. They said, “yes we can”. You know I got outstanding people I wok with. I said,” this is what we want to do”. They said,” not a problem, done”. So here we are.”

“This is the first that Prestonsburg and the art center here is gonna do our elk reveal. In the past we have always done that. it just appeared quietly; you know on the website, its a random draw by computer. This year Prestonsburg and is mayor have stepped up and taken this on, and turned it int a big pubic event.”

“We hope for next year when they bid it out, we can have it on a Saturday and have a few hunters come in”
For those who couldn’t attend the live reveal, the names of those chosen are now online at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife website.
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