Pike County road collapses, now closed

A Pike County road is now closed after collapsing.

Ky. 1499 collapsed following a washout February 17.

Ky. 1499, also known as North Levisa Road, began collapsing into the Levisa Fork river Saturday evening, and continued to fail into Sunday, leaving one lane heavily damaged, and the other destroyed. The road is now closed, and is forcing motorists, including school buses traveling to nearby Feds Creek Elementary School, from the Biggs area, to take an hour-long detour toward Kimper and Pikeville.

Ky. 1499 is closed indefinitely.

Officials believe emergency funds will have to be awarded from the state to repair Ky. 1499 following the roadway’s collapse.

Officials are discussing how to repair Ky. 1499, but those repairs will likely be time-consuming and expensive, and could require emergency funding from the state. Officials are now asking for patience while the collapse is repaired.

Access to Ky 1499 is restricted from the Biggs Bridge to the Feds Creek Bridge. Transportation Cabinet officials will be posted at the road closure around the clock until further notice.