Pike hospital administers Hep A shots to school faculty

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. — The pharmacy at Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center is helping vaccinate faculty and staff at Pike County Schools and administer Hepatitis A shots.

Each student is required to have a Hep A shot before returning back to school.

“We do flu shots every year,” said Director of Retail Pharmacy Beth Wright. “I just really wanted to see if they were interested. We had a big turn out and we’re really excited about that because we think vaccinations are important.”

It’s a two-dose vaccine series. Once the second dose is administered, Wright says its 100% effective.

“In Kentucky right now, which is really scary, we have more cases of Hepatitis A than anybody else in the country. So, why not eradicate it by vaccinating the public,” added Wright.

Most insurances cover the vaccine without co-pay because its a part of preventative healthcare. Over 300 Hepatitis A vaccines have been administered at Tug Valley ARH since May. 

“I just really think it’s important. Lets start at the schools because they’re first-in-line with our kids and we just really want to keep the community safe.”

As of now, Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center is currently working with six schools in Pike County and are hoping to reach out to more.