100 from Wise County among Second Amendment supporters at Virginia rally

A group of about 100 people are among the protestors who traveled to Virginia’s capital Sunday night for a rally in opposition to controversial gun laws being proposed in the state legislature.

Thousands of people descended upon the Virginia capital in Richmond Monday morning for a Second Amendment rally. About 100 people from Wise County boarded buses in Norton late Sunday night in order to make the six-hour trip to Richmond for the rally. Wise County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp was among them, and he encouraged Wise County residents to rise up and let their voices be heard in opposition of the proposed gun laws.

Dozens gather Sunday night in Norton prior to traveling to Richmond for a Second Amendment rally on Monday. Photo Submitted.

The Virginia Senate recently approves several pieces of gun legislation which will now move forward for consideration in the state House of Delegates. Those include limiting the purchase of handguns by Virginians to one per monty, mandating universal background checks in gun purchases and allowing local governments to ban firearms in parks and public buildings. Those pieces of legislation already have the the support of Virginia Governor Ralph Northram, who, according to a New York Times report, has vowed to sign all three.

The Virginia legislature is expected to also consider “Red Flag” legislation, which, if passed, would allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms from those believed to be dangers to themselves or others, as well as other gun control legislation.

Democrats flipped the Virginia General Assembly and have made gun control a top priority after efforts for gun control following a man shooting in Virginia Beach last year fell flat before the then-Republican-led legislature.

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