Beshear reopening plans include restaurants, youth sports

Gov. Andy Beshear teased his Health At Work Phase 2 economic reopening plan during Thursday’s daily briefing, and that plan includes provisions for restaurants and movie theaters, and for some youth sports to commence.

Beshear said his Phase 2 reopening plan would get underway May 22, even while Phase 1 is progressing. On May 22, restaurants will be allowed to open with 33 percent indoor capacity and outdoor seating. On June 1, according to the plan, movie theaters and fitness centers would be allowed to reopen. Beshear did not specify at what capacity those businesses could welcome patrons.

Gov. Andy Beshear discusses his Phase 2 reopening plan during Thursday’s daily briefing.

Also in Phase 2, on June 11, both public and private campgrounds will be allowed to reopen. Beshear said his administration did not initially want to close campgrounds during the response to the spread of COVID-19, but social distancing was not being followed at many of those areas.

On June 15, childcare facilities will be allowed to reopen. Beshear indicated plans are still being fashioned for that reopening, and that those plans will include provisions for smaller groups of children.

Also on June 15, low-contact outdoor youth sports will be allowed to begin. Beshear did not specify exactly which sports will be allowed to get underway.

Beshear noted, however, that any reopening timeline will be dictated by the spread of COVID-19. During his briefing on Thursday, Beshear announced 208 new coronavirus cases in Kentucky and 11 new deaths associated with the virus. Beshear has said several times he believes the state has plateaued in its coronavirus cases, but a decline in cases has not yet commenced.

“These are our goals. These are the dates we want to hit,” Beshear said. “Again, while this is the schedule I want to make happen, one thing and one thing only sets the schedule in the end and that’s the coronavirus. Any peak that we see, any cause of major concern, we are all going to have to be willing to pause.”

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Source: Mountain Top