“Bread” Or “Butter”

Washington D.C. — Which Thanksgiving turkey will earn a presidential pardon? Will it be Bread or Butter? That is the decision President Donald Trump must make today in the 30-year-old tradition of sparing the National Thanksgiving Turkey. According to the White House, Bread is a 45-pound turkey who likes a cherry flavored soft drink called Cheerwine, bluegrass music and college basketball. Butter weighs 47 pounds and enjoys eating sweet potato fries, listening to bagpipes and watching NASCAR. Trump will name the bird he’ll pardon this afternoon around 2:00 PM at the White House. Afterward, he’ll fly to Florida for a campaign rally and to spend Thanksgiving with his family. The tradition has its origins in 1863, when Abraham Lincoln’s son convinced his father to spare a turkey from the Christmas dinner table. Future presidents continued to pardon turkeys for Thanksgiving, and the practice eventually became a formalized White House tradition during the Reagan administration.  We’ll update you when the decision is made.