Coal Miner memorial planned in Pikeville



Pikeville, Ky.–Pike County is known as Americas Energy Capitol.  The people in this region are proud supporters of coal   it shows.

The Pike County Coal Miners Memorial Committee are planning to show just how much our miners, both past and present, mean to our region. A seven-feet tall Coal Miner monument is planned to be erected near the Pike County Courthouse, a monument that committee members say is long overdue.

“The economic power and the military power of the United States are built on the back of a coal miner. Without Coal Miners you don’t have steel. So to say that the Coal Miner is maybe a neglected individual throughout the history of our country is a little bit of an understatement. I think it’s long overdue that we try to do something like that here to recognize their contribution to our country.”

Pike County Coal Miners who have lost their lives will have their names placed on bricks surrounding the statue and as part of a fundraising effort names of current or retired miners are being offered granite pavers that will be incorporated into the monument itself at a cost of $150 dollars. For more information visit

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