Conn accomplice asks for minimum sentence

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The man who pleaded guilty to helping former disability attorney Eric C. Conn escape from home incarceration and flee the country will be sentenced this week, and he is asking for the minimum potential sentence.

Curtis Lee Wyatt

Curtis Lee Wyatt, 48, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to escape back in March. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday.

In a sentencing memorandum filed by his attorney on Friday, Wyatt argues for a minimum sentence in light of the fact that he has no criminal history and is unlikely to commit a crime in the future. The memorandum notes that the sentencing guidelines will likely place his suggested prison sentence in the range of 4-to-10 months. Wyatt asks that the sentence be fixed at four months, with the final month to be served under home incarceration.

If the judge were to agree with that request, he would likely be sent home following Friday’s sentencing hearing, because he has already spent three months in jail since pleading guilty.