Educator: Teacher strike likely if senate pension bill passes

A Letcher County educator says a teacher strike is a strong possibility if a controversial piece of legislation moves forward.

The ongoing saga of state pension reform bill Senate Bill 1, that is currently still being considered in the state legislature, has many watching the progress of the legislation closely. Chief among those are Kentucky’s educators, who stand to suffer a loss of some benefits they have been contractually guaranteed, and reductions of others, if the bill passes.

The situation has sparked concern that Kentucky could see a teacher’s strike similar to the one that ended just this week in West Virginia. But how likely is it that Kentucky’s educators could hold a work stoppage? Jason Griffith, an outspoken Letcher County educator, says a strike is a real possibility if Senate Bill 1 progresses. His remarks can be heard in the video attached below.

The progress of Senate Bill 1 suffered a setback Friday, after the bill, which passed out of committee earlier this week, was sent back to the State Government committee Friday afternoon after it became evident there is currently not enough Republican support to pass the bill at this time. The recommitment of the bill back into committee was met with thunderous applause by demonstrators at the state capitol Friday.

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