Floyd County man charged with skinning four puppies

A Floyd County man has been arrested and charged with torturing puppies to death by skinning them. According to the arrest citation, Kentucky State Police at Pikeville Post 9, 39-year-old Jonathan D. Watkins was arrested after neighbors reported that he had killed 4 puppies and skinned them with the skins hanging on his front porch and dog carcasses were found over the hill from the residence.

“I couldn’t imagine looking at four puppies… and skinning them… with a knife,” states one neighbor who lives near Jonathan Watkins.

When questioned by Troopers, Watkins was covered in blood and had a blood covered 8 to 10-inch knife in a holster. Watkins told the Troopers he was, “making myself a Doggy coat.” Watkins was charged with four counts of Torturing dogs causing death and two counts of Tampering with Physical Evidence.