Former superintendent indicted on federal theft charges

LOGAN COUNTY, WV.-The former superintendent of Logan County Schools has been accused of using her position to obtain thousands of dollars worth of electronics and other items.

68-year-old Phyllis Doty, of Logan, was indicted today on federal theft, wire fraud and mail fraud charges. Authorities allege she used her positions as curriculum director and later as superintendent to purchase iPads and iPods, which she would allegedly sell on eBay or give to family members. The indictment alleges she took at least 20 of the devices, worth over 12 thousand dollars. The indictment also alleges she directed the purchase of over 65 hundred dollars worth of decorative items she said were for competitions and the music department, but which actually were used to decorate her son’s wedding. Doty is scheduled to appear in court to answer the charges March 7th.