Next phase of Gov. Beshear’s plan to open Kentucky begins, some businesses re-open

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Monday, May 11 will usher in reopenings for factories and some businesses as part of Beshear’s plan to gradually restart the parts of Kentucky’s economy stalled by the pandemic.

The phase-in starting May 11 includes a broad resumption of manufacturing and construction work and applies to such businesses as car and boat dealerships, professional services and pet grooming and boarding.

The governor stressed that businesses have to follow “healthy at work” guidelines when reopening.

These businesses aren’t required to open on May 11, but if they choose to open, guidelines must be followed including on-site temperature readings and masks must be worn.

“Employers are going to be required to have [face masks] for employees for ‘healthy at work.’ If you are going back to work, you have to have one. For the general public, I am asking, I am urging, if I have to I will plea, but no one is going to be fined or penalized at the end of the day this is your decision, but it is one that impacts the lives around you,” said Governor Beshear during his briefing on May 3.

Businesses are allowed to refuse service if a mask is not worn by the customer.

Source: Mountain Top