Nurse practitioner, medical staff test positive for COVID-19

WILLIAMSON, W.VA. — A nurse practitioner and several staff members at a Williamson clinic have tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement issued Saturday, Williamson Health and Wellness Center said Nurse Practitioner Sidney Cline had tested positive for COVID-19, and four support staff members who had been exposed to Cline had also tested positive. The statement said Cline had given permission to use his identity in the release in the interest of the safety of his patients.

The statement said anyone who may have been exposed to Cline has already been notified either by the clinic or by the Mingo County Health Department. The statement said, and repeated several times, that if a person had not been notified of a possible exposure, they had not been exposed.

The statement said Cline and the staff members who tested positive are quarantined and recovering at their respective residences. The statement said all other staff members who were exposed to the virus have been tested and were not infected. No other healthcare providers at the clinic had tested positive, the statement said.

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