Officials await COVID-19 test result out of Letcher County Jail

WHITESBURG, Ky. — Officials at the Letcher County Jail are still awaiting the return of a COVID-19 screening for a person at the jail who was exposed to a staff member who had tested positive for the disease.

Letcher County Jailer Bert Slone wrote in a Facebook post that he is still awaiting the results of one COVID-19 test to be returned from Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation. Slone did not specify whether the person is an inmate or a jail employee, but the person is one of several people who were exposed to a guard who had tested positive for COVID-19.

Slone wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend that the guard, whose responsibilities included opening and closing doors, answering phones and monitoring surveillance cameras, had tested positive. He wrote that all jail staff members and eight inmates were tested for COVID-19, and all results, save for the final remaining one, had been returned “negative” for the disease, which is caused by the novel coronavirus.

The jail staff member who tested positive for COVID-19 is isolating at home, Slone said.

Slone wrote on Wednesday that the final test had to be re-administered, and the jail is awaiting the final result. He also wrote that COVID-19 testing of inmates being received at the jail is ongoing and inmates are isolated pending the return of their results.