Pike Co. Library holds drive-through “Witches CAR-nival”

PIKE COUNTY, KY. — On Thursday, the Pike County Public Library held a drive-thru Witch CAR-nival in the library parking lot, along with Halloween decorations and six outdoor games.

Kids could throw bean bag “ingredients” into the witch’s cauldron at the Witch Pitch, test their memory at the Witch’s Shuffle, hear a joke from the Witch’s Wheel, play the Spider Ring Toss, go fish in the Witch’s Swamp or test their Nerf gun skills at the Pumpkin Patch.

Librarians assisting with the carnival were dressed as witches. Once all games were completed, attendees were given a treat bag from the Witch’s Broomstick and could take a photo in a drive up photo booth on their way out.

Pike County Library Programming Coordinator Maggie Salisbury states, “We knew Halloween was going to be different this year, and we wanted to find a way to still have something fun and festive and hand out candy even though we are still closed for in-person programming. We threw around a lot of ideas trying to find something that would work outdoors and stay within the Health Department’s guidelines and finally ended up with the Witch CAR-nival, where we could work in games and candy and a photo booth.

The library contacted the Pike County Health Department regarding the carnival in its early planning stages to ensure safety and adherence to COVID guidelines. Children played games from the safety of the vehicle, out of car windows.

All employees wore masks, gloves and practiced social distancing. All candy and prizes were prepackaged as ongoing sanitization of games with limited contact took place.