Pike County dumpsters to be removed after littering

Dumpsters placed outside of solid waste stations in Pike County will be removed, Pike Judge-Executive Ray S. Jones II says.

In a Facebook post Monday morning, Jones wrote that dumpsters located outside of the county’s solid waste stations, which are closed on the weekends, will be removed after instances of illegal dumping next to the dumpsters when the bins are full. Jones wrote in the post that the dumpsters were requested to be located outside of the solid waste stations for use on weekends.

Trash is piled in and around dumpsters at the Pike County Solid Waste lot at Robinson Creek. Photo from Pike Judge-Executive Ray S. Jones II Facebook page.

Jones wrote that the county’s solid waste employees will have to clean up the messes left by the illegal dumping.

“We did it to help accommodate those requests. This is the result,” Jones wrote, adding several photos of one of the messes. “When the dumpsters were full some people just didn’t seem to mind throwing it on the ground.”

The photos included with the post were taken outside of the county’s solid waste lot at the former Robinson Creek School. Jones did not offer a timeline for when the dumpsters will be removed.

“We simply do not have the manpower to keep cleaning the areas around the dumpsters,” Jones wrote.

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