Winterfest kicks off, spreading the holiday spirit in Pikeville

With the holiday season just around the corner, the City of Pikeville wants to spread the Christmas spirit by hosting their 3rd annual Winterfest located within the Pikeville City Park. According to the Pikeville Director of Tourism Jimmy Taylor, there will be hot chocolate, popcorn, Snap Chat filters, ice skating, and much more. Taylor says starting on the 14th of December, there will be free pictures with Santa located at the gazebo in the Pikeville City Park. There will also be a different look to the park than last year as Taylor describes it as a “Norman Rockwell, Charles Dickens type theme” with lights and decorated trees covering the park grounds. An addition to the ice skating this year will be “skate buddies”, a helpful skate assisting tool that Taylor says, “ will have you skating like a pro in no time.”

For more information, visit the Pikeville City Tourism’s Facebook page.