Contest Rules

These contest rules are specific to the above contest conducted by Mountain Top Media, LLC d/b/a Music Radio WPKE (98.1 FM, 104.3 FM, 1240 AM, 1460 AM) Pikeville’s Best New Music WZLK (Z107.5 FM) Today’s Best Country WDHR (93.1 FM)  — collectively, “Mountain Top Media.” Except to the extent specifically set forth below with respect to this specific contest, the Station’s general contest rules apply to this contest as well.  A copy of these specific contest rules and the Station’s general contest rules are available at the Station’s studio at 1240 Radio Drive, Pikeville, KY 41501 during regular business hours (9am – 5pm) and on the contest page on the Station’s website at,,  To the extent that the general contest rules differ from these rules, these rules will govern and control with respect to this Contest.

How to Enter

All Entrants must be 18 years or older to participate in this contest.


Entrant must be a legal Kentucky resident and must present a valid government ID (each a “Participant” or “Entrant,” collectively the “Participants” or “Entrants”).

Entrants acknowledge that messages are distributed via radio announcement and via social media and, therefore, Mountain Top Media cannot control certain factors relating to message deliverance being received.

Mountain Top Media is not responsible in any way for the acts of participants.  Participants must comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.  ANY PARTICIPANT WHO STATION DETERMINES HAS OR MAY HAVE BROKEN ANY FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL LAW AS PART OF PARTICIPATING IN THIS CONTEST WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.  Participants must not harm or endanger themselves or other persons or property.  Any participant that Mountain Top Media determines may have created a public hazard, caused interference with or destruction of property and/or utilized public safety resources will be disqualified at Mountain Top Media’s sole discretion.  Any person using violence, intimidation or other inappropriate action in an attempt to win the Contest (as determined by Mountain Top Media personnel in their sole discretion) will be immediately barred from further participation in the Contest.

In no event will any “deal-making” in connection with a contest between participants or third parties be permitted.  Station reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any participant who has cheated, or any other suspected fraudulent activity.  The Station reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any conduct that in any way appears to inhibit the enjoyment of other participants.

Mountain Top Media is not responsible in the event a Participant did not hear or see (or did not correctly interpret) the announcement on air or social media.

Mountain Top Media is not responsible in the event a Participant cannot locate the token or The Appalachian Center for the Arts.

All participants in this Contest understand and agree that Mountain Top Media has no obligation, liability or responsibility whatsoever if Participants receive help from other Participants or Non-Participants.

Mountain Top Media is not responsible if a Participant overhears another Participant’s answer or Location Clue that the Participant has not received yet.


Prizes will be released to winner only.  Winner may be required to present a valid United States state or federal photo ID and valid social security number in order to pick up any prize.  Winner may be required, in Mountain Top Media’s sole discretion, to sign one or more liability release agreements relieving the Station, its parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, members, managers, employees, agents, contest sponsors and others from any and all liability with respect to the contestant’s participation in the contest and the receipt and/or use of the prize.  Any person who refuses to sign the Release and/or provide a social security number or complete or provide any other documents required by the Station by the deadline required by Station will forfeit any and all prizes.

Mountain Top Media reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for all contests and giveaways.  Non-cash prizes are not redeemable for cash.  No transfer or assignment of prizes is allowed, except as may be determined by Mountain Top Media in its sole and absolute discretion on a case by case basis.

Other Rules Specific to This Contest

  1. An Entrant in this contest may only be one individual. No teams or partners permitted.
  2. Mountain Top Media staff is responsible for selecting prizes associated with each token. No exchanges.
  3. Entrants have one (1) week (5 business days) to pick up their prize. If prize is not picked up within five (5) business days, entrant forfeits the prize and the item/cash/”prize” remains property of Mountain Top Media.
  4. Trips, getaways, “stays,” (any overnight accommodations) are subject to conditions of host and may include blackout dates, limited/no availability on certain dates, etc. Winner acknowledges that they will abide by the rules of host including but not limited to observing occupancy limits. Security deposit/damage fee/additional charges are the sole responsibility of the winner. Mountain Top Media must be contacted in order to book accommodations/verify travel dates. Travel must be booked/confirmed no sooner than 30 days from claiming prize and no later than 6 months from the time prize is claimed.
  5. Any injury to any entrant/winner caused by the use or misuse of a prize is the responsibility of the entrant/winner. Mountain Top Media is not responsible for any injury caused by the use or misuse of any prize.

*Free website:  winner is responsible for hosting @$50 per month with a 3 month down payment.  Failure to do so negates this portion of the prize.

**Ad campaign:  winner will receive consultation from Mountain Top Media representative to determine best use of campaign

***All prizes in Shop Local Showcase must be redeemed by 12/31/2020.  They are not transferable, and may not be exchanged for cash.