Five school systems in Kentucky announce Wednesday closure

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — The Pike and Floyd County School Board Districts announced today that Pike and Floyd County schools will be closed this Wednesday. Pike Superintendent Reed Adkins told EKB News the closure is so all teachers and school personnel can attend the “Day of Action” rally held in Frankfort that day.

Five school systems in Kentucky have currently closed school for Wednesday while the rest are sending representatives.

Teachers are protesting proposed changes to the state’s pension system. Governor Matt Bevin has made fixing shortfalls in the program a priority for his administration, but teachers are upset over plans to reduce cost-of-living adjustments from 1-and-a-half percent to 1 percent. Bevin also didn’t win any friends among teachers, after he was recorded saying they were being “selfish and short-sighted” in opposing the plan, although he has since backtracked from those comments.

Pike Superintendent Reed Adkins added, the missed day will be tacked on to the end of the school year.

Lawrence, Ashland and Carter County Schools will also be closed on Wednesday.