Judge denies early release for Conn conspirator

Alfred Bradley Adkins

ASHLAND, Ky. — The Pikeville psychologist serving a 25-year sentence after being ensnared in the Eric C. Conn disability fraud case has lost a bid for early release.

Alfred Bradley Adkins, 49, was convicted of mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and making false statements back in 2017, for his role in Conn’s scheme to improperly obtain disability benefits for clients.

In a letter sent to a federal judge, Adkins asked for compassionate release, after saying his diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure make him more susceptible to catching and dying from COVID-19.

But the judge rejected that request, saying while a current debilitating illness is a reason for early release, the risk of catching an illness is not.

Adkins is serving his sentence at the federal prison in Ashland.