Mingo sees 17 percent turnout for primary election

Mingo County’s voter turnout was less than 20 percent for the primary election on Tuesday, according to unofficial results listed with the state Secretary of State’s office.

In Tuesday’s primary, Mingo County’s voter turnout totaled 17.23 percent, with 3,433 votes being cast out of the county’s 19,922 registered voters. That total was in spite of several local races being on the ballot in the coronavirus-delayed primary.

Mingo County voters voted nearly unanimously for President Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary, with the incumbent president receiving 99 percent of the vote, or 1,525 of the 1,536 votes cast. Five other candidates each garnered no more than three votes each. In the Democratic presidential primary, former Vice President Joe Biden received 41.21 percent of the vote, besting David Lee Rice’s 20 percent and Bernie Sanders’ 14 percent, as well as nine other candidates who did not receive more than 4 percent of the vote each.

In the Mingo County Sheriff’s primary, Joe Smith bested Earl Spence, David Stratton and Jeff Cline, winning 54 percent of the vote. Spence, Stratton and Cline garnered 27 percent, 12 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Republican Sammons Ernest was uncontested.

In the primary election for county commissioner, Democrat Greg “Hootie” Smith bested Johnny Nick Hager, with Smith winning 63 percent of the vote. Republican Gavin Smith was uncontested in the Republican Primary.

Democrats Ramona Mahon and Jimmy Lee Webb were uncontested in their respective races for assessor and surveyor, with no Republican candidates appearing on the ballot. Also uncontested were county clerk candidates Larry “Yogi” Croaff, a Democrat, and Republican Russell Deskins; and prosecutor candidates Jonathan “Duke” Jewell on the Democratic ticket and Republican Brock Mounts.

Mingo County voters also heavily backed incumbent Gov. Jim Justice in the Republican primary, with Justice garnering 79 percent of the vote. Michael “Mike” Folk was the closest competitor to Justice, receiving just 10 percent of the vote, with five other challengers also falling to Justice. The Democratic field was more spread out. Ben Salango received 36 percent of the vote, Douglas Hughes received 24 percent, Ron Stollings received 20 percent, Stephen Smith received 17 percent and Jody Murphy just 3 percent.

For complete unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary in Mingo County, including for statewide races, click here.

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