More packages from China appearing in Eastern Kentucky

Numerous unsolicited packages have been appearing in Eastern Kentucky the past week, all marked with a sender’s address from China.

According to a Facebook post made by City of Coal Run Mayor Andrew Scott, several of these packages have made their way to the City of Coal Run.

Mysterious packages from China have been appearing in other states, some containing seeds and others have markings and descriptions saying they contain items such as jewelry and masks.

Mayor Scott says,”The City of Coal Run is cooperating with Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner Ryan Quarles and federal authorities to determine what threat, if any, these packages may pose to the public. In the meantime, we ask that you contact Kentucky Department of Agriculture at 502.573.0282 (e-mail, Coal Run Police Department at 606.437.0902, or your local authorities if you live elsewhere regarding any suspicious packages you receive.”

As you can see in the photo below, business owner Jen Lafferty-Kopecky at City Perk Coffeehouse in Prestonsburg, Kentucky said she also received a mysterious package containing a golden coin with Chinese markings on it.

There is some indication that these packages may be linked to an online feedback scam, but there is no definite answer whether they are.

Scott is asking that if you receive a package you did not order, do not open it. And if you have inadvertently opened such a package, please wash your hands thoroughly, place contents in airtight ziplock bag, and contact authorities. Or you may place in airtight ziplock bag and mail to:

United States Department of Agriculture
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Division of Plant Protection Quarantine
P.O. Box 475
Hebron, Kentucky 41048

For you have any questions or concerns regarding packages delivered in the city limits of Coal Run, Kentucky, contact the Department of Agriculture at 502.573.0282 (e-mail or Chief Anthony Maggard at 606.437.0902. If delivered elsewhere, including neighboring states, please contact your local, state, or federal authorities.