Mother has message for daughter involved in international kidnapping case

babyUpdating a story we brought to you earlier today, a federal indictment from last summer but only unsealed today accuses the father of a Perry County girl of international parental kidnapping. Michael Gregory McCoy is accused of keeping his daughter in Turkey for over two years, in order to keep the child from her mother, Melinda Riddle McCoy. The charge carries a maximum prison sentence of three years. With assistance from our news partners LEX 18, we had the opportunity to talk with Melinda McCoy this evening about her plight. We asked her about her daughter, the assistance from federal authorities and what she would like to say to her daughter.

“I have no clue; I have not had any contact with her since the summer of 2015. Of course we have the court cases going on so the only communication has been through attorneys. I’ve had lots of assistance on this case, so I’ve been very pleased with assistance from everyone involved.

I love you baby cakes, I’m fighting for you, it’s almost over and I will see you soon and everything will be okay I promise.”

No hearings have been scheduled in the case, but today’s unsealing, coupled with a request by prosecutors for certified copies of the arrest warrant to be used in extradition proceedings, would seem to indicate that Michael McCoy has been, at the very least, located. EKB news will continue to follow this story and you can visit Melinda McCoy’s website at team baby cakes dot com.

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