New COVID-19 Case Announced In Martin Co.

The Martin County Health Department released a statement Wednesday announcing one new case of the COVID-19 virus within the county.

According to the statement, the patient is a 50-year-old female, who is symptomatic.

Officials said they do not believe that the case is travel related and the patient is at home isolating to prevent further spread.

“The MCHD is working with the individual to address the contacts and these people will be notified.  If you are told to isolate at home, please continue to do that, to stop the spread, until you are told it is safe, this is usually a 14-day period.  Please continue to follow guidelines that have been given, such as social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands frequently,” the statement said.

Currently Martin County has three recovered cases of COVID-19, three cases from last week that are currently self isolating, and the new case announced Wednesday.

No other information about the patient was released, per HIPAA.