Pikeville man charged with steroid trafficking after hit-and-run

Randolph Coleman

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — A Pikeville man reportedly fled after hitting several cars in the Pikeville Medical Center parking garage.

But things got worse for him, when police caught up to him and allegedly found evidence to charge him with trafficking steroids.

It began just before 3 p.m., Wednesday, as Randolph Coleman, 54, of Mossy Bottom Road, was leaving Pikeville Medical Center. A passenger in his car later told police he hit one car, then sped up and hit two more.

Police attempted to pull over Coleman’s vehicle on Chloe Road, but he allegedly kept going until he came to a stop behind a church.

When searching his vehicle, police found a black bag containing $675, 26 pills, and six vials of testosterone.

Coleman was arrested and charged with trafficking steroids, fleeing police, leaving the scene of an accident, and numerous other charges.