Pikeville man charged with strangulation

Stevie Clark
Stevie Clark

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — A Pike County woman says she was saved from being strangled when her mother stabbed the attacker.

Police were called regarding a domestic violence incident on Beech Street, but the victim said she would meet them at the Pikeville public library. In a statement, she told police that she had been in an argument with Stevie Clark, 58, when he began strangling her.

That’s when the victim’s mother intervened, stabbing Clark in the arm.

Police went to Clark’s home, but he reportedly refused to open the door. After officers kicked open the door, they say Clark tried to retreat into the house, but he was stopped with a taser.

He is now charged first-degree strangulation, fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest. The strangulation charge is a Class C felony, carrying a potential sentence of 5-to-10 years in prison.

Clark is already under indictment for a second-degree assault charge over an incident last year. Second-degree assault also carries a potential sentence of 5-to-10 years in prison.