Senate bill seeks to arm Kentucky teachers

A new Senate Bill would seeks to arm Kentucky’s teachers with non-lethal weapons.

According to the state Legislative Research Commission, Republican Senator Danny Carroll, who serves the 2nd Senate District in extreme Western Kentucky, filed Senate Bill 162 yesterday. SB162 seeks to implement a safety response program using less-than-lethal weapons and would require volunteering school employees to be trained by Kentucky State Police to use those weapons.

Sen. Danny Carroll

According to the LRC website, the less-than-lethal weapons would use “less-than-lethal ammunition,” and the weapons and ammo would be stored on school grounds. The ammunition would include, but not be limited to, rubber bullets, rubber buckshot and/or shotgun rounds, bean bag shotguns, pepper ball guns, stun guns, tranquilizer guns and flash bang devices. Additionally, the bill would require that at least one bulletproof vest be stored in the location with the non-lethal weapons.

The filing also creates language clearing the way for the possession of the weapons on school property. It also seeks to release the school district and school employees volunteering for the program from some liability associated with taking action under the safety response program.

The bill was sent to the education committee today. The filing comes after 17 people, including 14 students, were killed in a mass shooting at a Florida high school on Wednesday.

The filing can be found here.