Three Prestonsburg city employees, including two first responders, test positive for COVID-19

A pair of first responders in Prestonsburg are among four people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the city.

In a press conference Saturday evening, Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton announced that four people in the city have tested positive for COVID-19. Among the four are two of the city’s emergency responders and another city employee. Details about the fourth person were not discussed at the conference.

Stapleton said the city has been prepared for positive cases within the city’s government and city services. He said police and fire vehicles have been sanitized and city employees are in the process of sanitizing Prestonsburg City Hall, which he emphasized is a sizable task.

Stapleton said the city has been successful in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 thus far, but this situation further illustrates how easily the virus is spread and how difficult it is to defeat.

“This is invisible,” he said of the virus.

Stapleton added that the first responders that tested positive for COVID-19 have not cross contaminated anyone in the general public.

“Nobody in the general public would have been affected,” Stapleton said.

Floyd County Judge-Executive Robbie Williams said the city and the county have worked well together in fighting the spread of the virus. He said it is more likely that a person will fall ill with a number of other conditions before they would contract COVID-19 in the county. He also used this situation as an opportunity to remind the public how easily the virus can be spread.

“This isn’t a mixed message, in that they’re doing everything right and someone still got confirmed as having the COVID-19,” Williams said.

Williams said the county, the City of Prestonsburg and the Floyd County Health Department plan to release steps on Monday to begin reopening businesses in the city and the county that have been closed or affected due to the ongoing pandemic. He said the plan will be in accordance with guidelines released by Gov. Andy Beshear’s office, which are also in line with guidelines issued by the White House.

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Source: Mountain Top