April Fool’s prank turns into successful fundraiser for KSP Trooper Teddy program

FRANKFORT, Ky. — An April Fool’s prank has backfired for Kentucky State Police, but in a most adorable and profitable way.

After production delays canceled the agency’s annual Trooper Teddy sale on Valentine’s Day, KSP decided to sell the stuffed bears for Easter instead. Then, an employee dressed a stuffed rabbit like Trooper Teddy, and the agency decided to use it for an April Fool’s prank on social media.

But it turns out, Trooper Bunny was a hit.

Now the employee has donated the bunny and Kentucky State Police is auctioning it off, with proceeds going to the Trooper Teddy program.

Bidding started at $5 on Sunday. And with the auction ending early Friday morning, dozens of bidders have pushed the price close to a thousand dollars.

You can view the auction at https://www.ebay.com/itm/224409918304.

Trooper Teddy is a program that provides teddy bears to children affected by traumatic situations, such as car crashes or the arrest of a family member.