Identity of Cut-Thru chase suspect released

John Alden Caines
John Alden Caines

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — The identity of a man who prompted a rescue operation in the Pikeville Cut-Thru on Tuesday has been released.

John Alden Caines, 41, of Pikeville, was arrested at the end of the incident.

Police say they were called to Bob Amos Park over a report that Caines was acting suspiciously. When they went to check, they say Caines fled on foot, found a way down the cliff, then jumped into the Big Sandy River. He swam to the opposite bank, where he soon found himself trapped on a ledge.

That prompted the rescue operation by Pikeville police and fire departments, with additional assistance from other agencies.

Caines was retrieved without injury, other than a complaint of a sore shoulder.

He is now charged with public intoxication, as well as felony counts of wanton endangerment and wanton endangerment of a police officer.

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