Cameron joins effort to end robocalls

Attorney General Daniel Cameron
Attorney General Daniel Cameron

FRANKFORT, Ky. — It’s a common complaint — you answer your phone from what appears to be a familiar number, only to be greeted to a recording about your car’s warranty or auto insurance. Worse yet, it could be a scammer trying to convince you that you’ll go to jail if you don’t pay a fine.

Now Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is joining with attorneys general in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to urge the FCC to do more about the problem.

In comments to the FCC, the 51 attorneys general urge the regulator to push for faster implementation of anti-robocall technology.

The officials are hoping the FCC will move up its deadline for small phone companies to begin using Caller ID authentication technology to verify that numbers are not being spoofed.

Cameron says Kentuckians lost $1.2 million to phone scams last year, and robocalls are largely to blame.