Despite the drought, whitewater activities will begin this weekend on the Russell Fork River

October has finally arrived, and for whitewater kayaking and rafting enthusiasts across the country, that means it’s time for their yearly journey to Elkhorn City, Kentucky.  Each weekend in October, water is released from John W. Flannagan Dam in Haysi, Virginia, creating some of the most sought after and challenging whitewater conditions anywhere.

Because of the current drought conditions and low river levels, Mountain Top News reached out to officials at Flannagan Dam to make sure the water releases were still scheduled for this month, and, they are.  Beginning this Saturday, October 5th, water will be released each Saturday and Sunday of the month, creating the rapids the river is known for.  So, for the next few weekends, it will be common to see brightly colored kayaks and rafts making their way through the gorge on the Russell Fork River between Haysi and Elkhorn City.

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