Exclusive: McConnell blames Democrats for lack of progress on stimulus bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In an exclusive interview today with Mountain Top News, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell says Democrats have not returned to the bargaining table, since the discussions about a second stimulus package collapsed last week.

“They aren’t talking yesterday and today …” McConnell said. “We’re hoping talks resume. There’s been a bit of a stalemate the last few days.”

Kentucky’s senior senator says the two sides are still far apart in their negotiations to resolve differences between Democrats’ $3 trillion HEROES Act, and Republicans’ $1 trillion HEALS Act.

“There are some big differences,” McConnell said. “For example, additional assistance for state and local government. Many of your viewers would be interested to know that, of the money we already sent down to Kentucky government, almost $2 billion, only 6 percent of it has been spent. And yet, Democrats in Washington are asking for another trillion dollars — trillion — for state and local government. We just think that’s completely unrelated to the emergency we face. So there are some big differences.”

McConnell also praised President Trump to signing executive orders to provide immediate relief, especially in terms of unemployment insurance.

“This is extremely important in a time of high unemployment,” McConnell said. “And the problem we had is the federal additional payment on top of regular unemployment insurance expired last week, and Democrats seemed to be unwilling to fix that unless we give them a whole lot of other things completely unrelated to the coronavirus.”

McConnell’s full remarks in today’s interview can be heard below:


  • Really this is not fair to the poor people. Why don’t you and the rest of Congress live off what I been give 91 dollars a week. Mitch McConnell you so rich you don’t care about us in Kentucky. You and your friend President Trump have no worries because you so rich you couldn’t spend your money in your lifetime. Your not ever going g to help us poor people.

  • Take back control of the US Senate in the three legged stool of the US Federal Government. You have relinquished too much power to Trump and he is killing the GOP!!!!!

  • You responded that my statement about President Trump killing the GOP was being withheld from the Majority Leader was “awaiting moderation” is very scary. Sen. McConnell must be made aware that Trump’s attempt to be re-elected is destroying the fabric of the Republican Party.

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