Fannin to be sentenced

Pikeville, Ky: An attorney for a Prestonsburg real estate developer who pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud says his client should not spend any time behind bars, because he was victimized by an unscrupulous bank employee. Attorney Ned Pillersdorf filed a sentencing memorandum yesterday on behalf of Paul D. Fannin. In it, Pillersdorf argues that Fannin has been a law-abiding citizen his entire life, but he fell victim to bad advice from former BB&T loan officer and co-defendant Brent Lee. Fannin will be sentenced tomorrow. Lee took his case to trial and was convicted on all charges, including bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, unauthorized obligation by a bank employee, and theft, embezzlement or misapplication by a bank employee. His sentencing is set for the end of the month.