HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL: Lady Eagles fall; Bat Kats beat ER

Johnson Central saw a two-run lead slip away as Raceland rallied to beat the Lady Eagles, 4-2, in a game played on Monday night.

Randi Delong singled and drove in one run as Johnson Central fell to 14-3. Clara Blair walked and added an RBI while Mayson Delong singled and scored.

Chloe VanHoose was tagged with the loss.

At Raceland


JC (14-3)…..002  000  0 – 2-4-3

RL (15-6)….002  200  x – 4-5-0


WP – Raegan West

LP – Chloe VanHoose

Hitting: Randi Delong 1b, 1 RBI; Clara Blair bb, 1 RBI; Mayson Delong 1b, 1r, Johnson Central.

Shelby Valley…19

East Ridge………4

Shelby Valley erupted offensively as the Bat Kats cruised to a 19-4 win over East Ridge in a game played on the Reservation on Monday night.

Winning pitcher Macy Salyers had two hits, including a triple and drove in three runs. She also scored twice.

Lily Napier had a big game with a double and five RBIs. She also scored two runs. Olivia Bowling, Kyra Looney and Riley Fleming all knocked in a pair of runs.  

At Lick Creek


WP – Macy Salyers

Hitting: Macy Salyers 3b, 1b, bb, 2r, 3 RBI; Lily Napier 2b, 2r, 5 RBI; Olivia Bowling 2b, bb, 2r, 2 RBI; Kyra Looney 1b, 3-bb, 3r, 2 RBI; Riley Fleming 1b, bb, 2r, 2 RBI, Shelby Valley.

Knott Central….1

Floyd Central….0

Knott Central scored the game’s only run on a “bang, bang” play at home to edge Floyd Central, 1-0, in a game played on Monday night.

Ashley Bellamy was the tough luck losing pitcher for the Lady Jaguars. Emma Dudleson, Katie Moore, Chanda Caudill and Bellamy had one hit apiece in the loss.

At Langley


LP – Ashley Bellamy

Hitting: Ashley Bellamy 1b; Emma Dudleson 1b; Katie Moore 1b; Chanda Caudill 1b, Floyd Central.


Letcher Central….15

Harlan County…….5

Letcher Central erased an early two-run deficit twice and went on to beat Harlan County, 15-5, in a game played at Cougar Field on Saturday night.

Chloe Wampler had a pair of extra base hits, scored four runs, and drove in five as Central improved to 14-4. Autumn Wampler doubled and batted in three runs while scoring twice.

Gracie McDougal added two singles and she knocked home three runs while scoring once.

Alyssa Nicely was the winning pitcher.

At Ermine


HC (7-3)….220  10 –  5-3-6

LC (14-4)…237  3x – 15-8-4


WP – Alyssa Nicely

LP – Kerrigan Creech

Hitting: Chloe Wampler 3b, 2b, bb, 4r, 5 RBI; Autumn Wampler 2b, 2r, 3 RBI; Gracie McDougal 2-1b, 1r, 3 RBI; Abigail McDougal 1b, 3r, 1 RBI; Madison Parsons 1b, 2r, 1 RBI, Letcher Central.

Knott Central…..5

Pike Central……3

Pike County Central came up on the short end of a 5-3 outcome to Knott County Central in the Queen of the Field Invitational played on Saturday.

Cailyn Holbrook tripled in one run and scored while Zoey Ratliff added two hits and an RBI. Dailey Damron singled in one run and scored.

Lilly Blackburn took the loss.

At Hindman


LP – Lilly Blackburn

Hitting: Cailyn Holbrook 3b, 1r, 1 RBI; Zoey Ratliff 2-1b, 1 RBI; Dailey Damron 1b, 1r, 1 RBI, Pike Central.


Pike Central..4

Paintsville held on late to escape with a 5-4 win over Pike County Central in the Queen of the Field Invitational played at Knott County Central on Saturday.

Maggie Music, Taylor Hannah, and Ashley Wells each had two hits, scored, and batted in one run apiece for the Lady Tigers. Rachel Roberts doubled in one run. She also scored.

Chloe Hannah was the winning pitcher.

Livia Sanders had a pair of doubles and knocked in one run while scoring for the Lady Hawks. Daily Damron tripled, doubled, and added a pair of RBIs. Zoey Ratliff singled in one run.

Lilly Blackburn was tagged with the loss.

At Hindman


WP – Chloe Hannah

LP – Lilly Blackburn

Hitting: Maggie Music 2-1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Taylor Hannah 2-1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Ashley Wells 2-1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Rachel Roberts, 2b, 1r, 1 RBI, Paintsville; Livia Sanders 2-2b, 1r, 1 RBI; Daily Damron 3b, 2b, 1r, 2 RBI; Zoey Ratliff 1b, 1 RBI, Pike Central.


Martin County…1

Paintsville took control against Martin County in the early innings and the Lady Tigers scored a 9-1 win in the Queen of the Field Invitational played at Knott County Central on Saturday.

Winning pitcher Chloe Hannah belted a home run and doubled while driving in two runs and scoring twice. Harper Graden, Abby Maynard, Maggie Music and Rachel Roberts all singled and knocked in one run each.

Hannah Stacy singled in the lone Lady Cardinals run. Brittany Thompson reached and scored.

Kayleigh Osendott took the loss.

At Hindman


WP – Chloe Hannah

LP – Kayleigh Osendott

Hitting: Hannah Stacy 1b, 1 RBI; Brittany Thompson 1r, Martin County; Chloe Hannah HR, 2b, 2r, 2 RBI; Harper Graden 1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Abby Maynard 1b, 2r, 1 RBI; Maggie Music 1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Rachel Roberts 1b, 1r, 1 RBI, Paintsville.

Floyd Central…16


Floyd Central broke out the big bats as the Lady Jaguars blanked Buckhorn, 16-0, in a game played on Saturday.

Chelsea Johnson pounded out three hits, scored three runs and knocked home two. Grace Martin added two hits and batted in three runs while scoring three times.

Chanda Caudill singled in two runs while Katie Jo Moore and winning pitcher Ashley Bellamy both scored three runs.

At Langley


WP – Ashley Bellamy

Hitting: Chelsea Johnson 3-1b, 3r, 2 RBI; Grace Martin 2-1b, 3r, 3 RBI; Chanda Caudill 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Katie Jo Moore 1b, 2-bb, 3r; Ashley Bellamy 1b, 3r, 1 RBI, Floyd Central.


Knott Central….8

Martin County…0

Knott Central held Martin County bats in-check as the Lady Cardinals dropped an 8-0 outcome in the Queen of the Field Invitational played on Friday.

Savannah Young was the losing pitcher.

Brittany Thompson, Brynnalyn Smith and Hannah Stacy had one hit each in the loss.

At Hindman


LP – Savannah Young

Hitting: Brittany Thompson 1b; Brynnalyn Smith 1b, Hannah Stacy 1b, Martin County.

Jackson City…14

Shelby Valley…2

Jackson City erupted for eight runs in the first inning off Shelby Valley starter Macy Salyers and went on to beat the Bat Kats, 14-2, in a game played on Friday night.

Riley Fleming doubled in a pair of runs and Beth Werner added a pair of singles and scored once in the loss. Katelyn Thompson singled and scored.

At Robinson Creek


JC (10-6)……800  25 – 15-19-2

SV (8-9)…….200  00 –   2-  5-0


WP – Chloe Smith

LP – Macy Salyers

Hitting: Riley Fleming 2b, 2 RBI; Beth Werner 2-1b, 1r; Katelyn Thompson 1b, 1r, Shelby Valley.

Perry Central….7


Perry Central jumped on Paintsville and went on to beat the Lady Tigers, 7-1, in the Queen of the Field Invitational played on Friday.

Losing pitcher Chloe Hannah singled and scored while Maggie Music, Taylor Hannah and Harper Graden had one hit apiece.

At Hindman


WP – Kim Hughes

LP – Chloe Hannah

Hitting: Chloe Hannah 1b, 1r; Maggie Music 1b; Taylor Hannah 1b; Harper Graden 1b, Paintsville.


Wyoming East….0

Man avenged its only loss this season as the Lady Billies blanked Wyoming East, 2-0, in a home game played on Friday night.

Winning pitcher Morgan Cooper allowed just one hit as Man won its eighth straight game since falling to the Lady Warriors. Cooper also singled and scored. Kiersten Ellis singled and scored while Olivia Ramsey singled, walked and drove in one run.

At Man


WE (6-2)….000  000  0 – 0-1-2

MN (8-1)….010  001  x – 2-3-1


WP – Morgan Cooper

LP – Olivia Hylton

Hitting: Olivia Ramsey 1b, bb, 1 RBI; Moran Cooper 1b, 1r; Kiersten Ellis 1b, 1r, Man.



Perry Central…4

Pikeville pitching ace Emily Ford had a big night offensively while pitching and hitting the Lady Panthers to a 6-4 win over Perry Central in a game played at Myers Field on Thursday night.

Hughes, tripled, singled, scored and batted in one run as the Lady Panthers improved to 16-7.

Ginna Jones doubled, walked, scored, and added a pair of RBIs while Shana Ray singled twice and knocked in two runs .Kelcie Adams had three singles and scored three runs.

At Pikeville


WP – Emily Ford

LP – Kim Hughes

Hitting: Emily Ford 3b, 1b, 1r, 1 RBI; Ginna Jones 2b, bb, 1r, 2 RBI; Shana Ray 2-1b, 2 RBI; Kelcie Adams 3-1b, 3r, Pikeville.