Judgments, warrants against Conn clients tossed out

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — Hundreds of former clients of disgraced former attorney Eric C. Conn learned Friday that a stain he had placed on their records is being erased.

Pike Circuit Judge Eddy Coleman ordered the courts to purge all “judgments, bench warrants and contempt citations” entered against former Conn clients from Pike County.

“This is long overdue relief for folks who were suffering real harm due to Conn’s shameless manipulation of the Pike District Courts,” said attorney Ned Pillersdorf, who brought the suit seeking relief for Conn’s former clients. “Conn was a multimillionaire who would nickel-and-dime his poor clients with these meritless lawsuits against them. As a result, the clients suffered real harm on their credit, their job applications, and the embarrassment of having bench warrants
and citations in public court records.”

According to Coleman’s order, the judgments cannot be enforced, because Conn was not legally eligible to practice Social Security law.