PMC Encourages Immunizations and Physicals for Upcoming School Year

Pikeville Medical Center is encouraging parents and caregivers to go ahead and schedule their kids for immunizations and physicals to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Aaronda Wells, a Pediatrician at Pikeville Medical Center says that even through this COVID-19 pandemic, there are many other diseases and illnesses they can prevent with a vaccine.

“We cannot prevent COVID-19 at this time by vaccine, but we can prevent other things that are very deadly,” states Wells. “We need to vaccinate our older kids for pertussis to prevent them from spreading it to everyone else.”

According to Wells, many parents have cancelled appointments in fear of coming into the hospital amid this pandemic.

School officials are currently surveying parents to see if they would feel comfortable sending their kids to school this year.

Wells encourages everyone to go ahead and make plans for your kids to have a physical and up to date immunizations.