Magoffin man charged under Kentucky’s bestiality law

Willie Wireman
Willie Wireman

ROYALTON, Ky. — Kentucky’s bestiality law has only been around for two years, and now a Magoffin County man has been charged under it.

Willy Wireman, 35, of Royalton, was arrested last week and charged with sexual crimes against animals. He was arrested after a neighbor complained about him allegedly committing bestiality with his dog, and a police officer responding to the complaint allegedly caught him in the act.

Sexual crimes against animals is a felony and carries a potential sentence of 1-to-5 years in prison.

Charges under the bestiality law have been rare, since its passage in 2019. The first conviction came in November, when a man and woman pleaded guilty to the charge as well as torture of an animal in Mason Circuit Court.

Wireman is currently being held in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.