Magoffin man charged with burglary, unlawful imprisonment

Hassell David Francis
Hassell David Francis

ROYALTON, Ky. — A Magoffin County man faces numerous charges, including burglary and unlawful imprisonment, after allegedly breaking into his estranged wife’s home last Wednesday and holding her against her will.

Hassell David Francis, 48, of Royalton, allegedly crawled through the doggie door of the home where his estranged wife was staying and removed the shell from her shotgun.

She told police she woke up to find him standing over her with a knife in his hand, and she said he hit her when she tried to get up. He allegedly told her he hadn’t made up his mind whether he was going to stab her to death or beat her to death, but that he would use her shotgun to kill himself afterward.

About an hour later, she said she was able to grab a box of shotgun shells when Francis was distracted. She then reloaded her gun and forced him out of the house at gunpoint. She then called police and he was arrested a short time later.

Francis is being held on a $25,000 bond in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.