Martha Stewart, other investors join AppHarvest board

Business icon Martha Stewart and other powerful investors have joined the board of Morehead’s AppHarvest.

Stewart, along with Impossible Foods CFO David Lee and best-selling author and investor J.D. Davis, have taken positions on the AppHarvest Board of Directors as the company prepares to open a massive indoor farm in Rowan County, according to The Lane Report. Stewart is quoted in the report as saying AppHarvest is changing the future of food.

“The future of food will be, has to be, growing nutrient-rich and delicious produce closer to where we eat,” Stewart said. “That means food that tastes better and food that we feel better about consuming. AppHarvest is driving us towards that future and working from within Appalachia to elevate the region.”

AppHarvest plans to open the indoor farm this fall and will start with growing non-GMO tomatoes, reports The Lane Report. At one time, AppHarvest looked to locate its farming facility in Pikeville.