Officials Urge Public To Practice Safety For Holiday Weekend

With cities and towns across Kentucky making difficult choices to postpone or cancel Independence Day events due to COVID-19, the Kentucky Division of Fire Prevention expects more Kentuckians to create their own backyard celebrations. With that in mind, state fire officials are asking Kentuckians to use caution and common sense during this year’s celebrations to avoid injury from fireworks.
“The safest bet is to watch fireworks shows at home or online as many cities are live streaming the celebrations,” said Mike Haney, director of the Division of Fire Prevention in the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction. “But if you do celebrate with fireworks, first check local ordinances for what’s legal; and be sure to read and follow the directions on firework labels.”
Haney encourages families who decide to attend a public celebration to wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands often to avoid the spread of COVID-19.Additional firework safety measures include the following:Always have an adult present when handling fireworks, and never give fireworks to children, including sparklers.Always wear safety glasses, light one firework at a time and then move to a safe distance.Never stand over fireworks while lighting and do not attempt to relight malfunctioning fireworks.Never light fireworks in bottles or cans. Never cut or take apart fireworks, and never add ingredients to fireworks.Keep water handy. Douse fireworks that fizzle with water. Soak leftover items in water to prevent a trash fire.Never use fireworks in a manner not intended or designed.Never ignite fireworks within 200 feet of any structure, vehicle, or any other person.
Firework safety tips are available on the state fire marshal’s website at