Prestonsburg plans meeting on Suddenlink issues

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. — Residents of Prestonsburg have been complaining for years about the reliability of the city’s cable and internet provider, Suddenlink. Now, Mayor Les Stapleton wants to give residents a chance to tell company officials about their concerns.

Stapleton says he will invite Suddenlink officials to an open meeting of the city council, during which Suddenlink customers can share their frustrations with the service they are receiving.

Prestonsburg has tried to do this once before, but only 11 people showed up for the meeting.

During a Facebook live video to residents on Thursday, Stapleton said the city needs to make a better impression than that to get the company’s attention.

“You know, somebody just said we need a better service than Suddenlink,” Stapleton said. “I agree! But I need your all’s help so we can show people that, yes, there is an interest in making Suddenlink better, or they’re going to work with us. Another group make work with us. But again, we had 11 people at the last meeting. I need people to show up. Getting on Facebook, complaining, it’s not helping.”

Stapleton says the meeting will be held at the Mountain Arts Center, and he will announce the date of the meeting on Monday.

He also asked residents to share their issues with their cable and internet service by emailing