Prestonsburg special City Council meeting

Prestonsburg, Ky: Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton is inviting the public to a special called City Council meeting Thursday evening at the Mountain Arts Center. There, he plans to unveil the new Strategic Plan for the city. Mayor Stapleton says it’s a great opportunity to see first hand the direction the city of Prestonsburg is heading.

“It tells what the city of Prestonsburg needs to do to move forward and advance with the resources we have. I think if people come out, we’re gonna have 120 hard copies there if they want to take them home and look at it; they are welcome to reply back to us and see whats going on. We have a plan and we are gonna follow that plan, and we feel like it’s going to move us right on into the future. They’ve looked at a lot of other areas our size and with our resources across the nation and they got this information and here we are.We’ve got a very unique strategic plan, people need to come back tomorrow night and see what’s going on.”

At the meeting, Mayor Stapleton says the City Council will also have the first reading of the new budget. The meeting will start at 7pm at the Mountain Arts Center.


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