1 million Kentuckians now vaccinated

One of the eight Kentuckians vaccinated in the Capitol rotunda on Monday celebrates receiving her shot with two thumbs up.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — One out of three Kentucky adults now has now been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

That mark was reached this morning, when the state celebrated the 1 millionth vaccination given.

Gov. Andy Beshear, First Lady Britainy Beshear and public health director Dr. Steven Stack were on hand as eight Kentuckians received the vaccine in the Capitol rotunda.

Gov. Beshear pledged to meet President Joe Biden’s goal of providing every adult Kentuckian who wants the vaccine the chance to get it by May 31 … and then he went a step further.

“When we were first given numbers about supply of vaccine that we would get, this was going to take into the fall, to vaccinate every adult that wanted a shot,” Beshear said. “So, thanks to significantly increased supply from the federal government, thanks to an aggressive strategy of building out vaccination sites, we are significantly ahead of where we thought we would be on Dec. 12, and that is good news. The better news is it keeps picking up. I expect that if our pharmaceutical manufacturers continue their rate, we might beat that May 31 deadline, as well.”

Beshear said he also expects to open up vaccinations to all Kentucky adults before President Biden’s target of May 1.