Feds charge man following discovery of 10 lbs. of meth

Frankie Baker III
Frankie Baker III

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A California man is now facing a federal criminal charge after a West Virginia state trooper allegedly found 10 lbs. of meth hidden in his car last month.

Frankie Baker III, 43, was pulled over in Logan County Sept. 4, after an officer spotted him erratically driving a car with defective equipment. During the stop, the officer noticed evidence of a hidden compartment in the car and had it towed to a secure location while he obtained a search warrant.

The following day, the search uncovered 16 bags of meth and two handguns inside a padded wall of the vehicle.

Baker was arrested on drug charges in Logan County, but now he has been charged in federal court with possessing meth with the intent to distribute it.

He continues to be held in the Southwestern Regional Jail, at Holden.